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Unlocking The Secrets of The Metabolic Balance Program

Updated: Dec 19, 2023


The Metabolic Balance program can help you shed pounds quickly while creating sustainable and long-term weight regulation. Independent studies have found that the Metabolic Balance program is one of the top weight loss programs out there today. The metabolic balance program has emerged as a promising method, helping individuals reset their metabolism and achieve successful fat burning. Join Jo, MD Laser Clinic's expert coach, as we delve into the intricacies of the metabolic program meal plan, exploring its principles, phases, and personalized metabolic technique.

Understanding the Metabolic Balance Program:

Your quality of life

Quality of life and performance are closely related. The everyday demands of life constantly reduce your energy. When enjoyable activities are no longer fun, that’s a sign that you urgently need a change. But, how can you succeed with this change?

When it comes to optimizing your performance, many people have to function even faster and more effectively. At Metabolic Balance, we have a different definition of efficiency. For us, it means that you have greater energy levels to perform your daily tasks efficiently. If, on the other hand, you put yourself under pressure and ignore your needs, this will only lead to greater stress, excessive demands, and in the worst-case scenario, to burnout. In a nutshell, a better performance can be achieved through exercise, a healthy diet, and fun and enjoyable activities.

Highly Individual

... with personal coaching

Changing your Meal Plan and lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that has its challenges. That’s why we won’t leave you empty-handed. We give you access to personal, and tailor-made support. Experienced Metabolic Balance coaches will help you along the way. As a result, the meal plan and the simultaneous care give you support, security, and real prospects of success to help you achieve your personal goals when it comes to your weight and overall wellbeing.

Metabolic Balance program

What does the plan tell you?

Metabolic Balance is a comprehensive concept based on intensive and individual consultations with your coach as well as the creation of an individual meal plan.

Your personalized Metabolic Balance plan shows:

  • which foods to eat to provide the right nutrients you need

  • in what quantities these foods should be eaten

  • in which combination foods are best for you

  • when and how to consume these foods

  • how to maintain your new eating habits for long term sustainable success

Phase 1 - Cleansing

The first phase is known as the cleansing or preparation phase, and it lasts two days. Your body will now be accustomed to your new meal plan. In this cleansing phase, you will only eat light food, such as vegetables, fruit, rice, or potatoes. When the stomach and intestines have been emptied, the body switches to food that comes from the inside, namely from the fat reserves (keto metabolism). You will not experience any hunger cravings. As early as phase 1, you should also drink plenty of water to guarantee sufficient hydration.

Phase 2 - Detox 

The body requires time to detoxify (eliminate the poisons). The second phase should last at least 14 days. This is called the “strict conversion phase” or “detox phase.” Your diet will contain lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. The alkaline minerals in the diet bind acids, and therefore the acids are eliminated from the body. The healthy foods in the meal plan support detoxification by itself. That being said, compliance with the 8 Metabolic Balance rules is very important during this “strict” second phase. When you practice self-discipline in this phase, it will be a rewarding experience for you. You can continue this phase past 14 days and stay on it until you reach your goal.

Phase 3 - Relaxed Conversion Phase

Things begin to change for you in Phase 3 – also called the “relaxed conversion phase.” In this phase, you may stop measuring your food quantity and even try foods that aren’t on your list. 

Phase 4 - Maintenance Phase

You made it! In Phase 4, your metabolism has changed and you can begin to feel the fruits of your labor. For instance, you notice your weight loss and newfound vitality gives you a new sense of confidence. In Phase 4, the goal is to maintain your success for the long term. That is why it is also called the “maintenance phase.”  

As individual and unique as you are…

Just like your fingerprint!

Metabolic Balance diet

Each plan is unique because it is created using:

  • your blood values

  • your body measurements

  • your personal data

... that’s what you get with your Metabolic Balance meal plan. This is because the foods we recommend are based on your unique blood values, personal information, and eating habits.

Metabolic Balance App

New: The plan is also available as an app that you can use at any time and anywhere. 

Benefits of the Metabolic Balance Program

The Metabolic Balance program can help you shed pounds quickly while creating sustainable and long-term weight regulation. Independent studies have found that the Metabolic Balance program is one of the top weight loss programs out there today.

Metabolic Balance was developed from the knowledge that our daily food has an enormous influence on the body.

The meal plan is individually tailored to your needs.

At Metabolic Balance, we believe that adequate food for the body should be as natural as possible. The more food has been processed and the more additives have been added to it, the more likely it will negatively affect the body. This is why Metabolic Balance recommends local, natural, and organic foods that are as fresh as possible. 

How to get started?

You can achieve your goal much faster than you think

With Metabolic Balance you receive a unique and individually tailored meal plan that supports you on your way to achieving your personal goals. 

Metabolic Balance
1. Find your Coach
2. Your personal consultation
3. The blood test 
4. Your individual meal plan
5. Individual coaching

You are not alone

you are not alone Metabolic Balance

Remember, you have your Metabolic Balance coach by your side. Your coach will respond to your individual needs and accompany you throughout the program's four phases!

More than 1 million people have already successfully participated in the Metabolic Balance program.

Become a part of our community today! 

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