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Hair Restoration 

Nourish your hair, restore its youth

Hair Restoration

Aesthetic Hair Advance Resetter, with Epidermal Plant stem cell growth factors and photo-peptidic hair bulb fortifier.  A hair product which prevents and reduces hair loss, creates hair growth stimulation and hair Re-densification.  Nourishes and strengthens hair as well as treating fragile or weak hair types.  It can also be used for eyelash and eyebrow growth as well as beard care and growth.  Clinical tests have shown a visible increase in hair thickness and denistry after treatment.  


After 150 days 31% Hair growth.  

Treatments are booked in a series of 4 spaced every 4 with on going maintenance every 4 months. 


very well tolerated  and no anesthetic required.  

Treatments last about 40 minutes.  


Can be combined with erbium laser or mesotherapy treatments!  

This treatments is more Advanced than PRP.   Plant Stem cell therapy is healthier than most human DNA due to deficiencies in one’s blood from dietary and health conditions.  


It offers the same with initiating the body’s repair response for stem cell activity for regeneration.  

Procedure Time

45 min

$350 - 575


Erbium Laser



1 - 2 days

Pain Level- Mild 


Within 1 month, continued results up to 6 months 

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