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Photobiomodulation Burlington


Red Light Therapy

Recovery, Relief & Wellness


A.K.A. "Red Light Therapy"


Photobiomodulation (PBM) involves the utilization of non-ionizing electromagnetic energy to trigger photochemical changes within cellular structures that are receptive to photons, particularly the powerhouses of the cells: the Mitochondria.


At the cellular level, visible Red and Near-Infrared Light (NIR) energy are absorbed by the Mitochondria, which perform the function of producing Adrenosine Triphosphate (ATP) or cellular energy. The key to this entire process is a Mitochondrial enzyme called "Cytochrome Oxidase C", a Chromophore, which accepts photonic energy of specific wavelengths when functioning below par.

While the term might seem complex, let's keep it simple: Photo (light energy) works at the biological, and cellular levels, modulating or modifying our processes for optimal healing, wellness, and overall functioning!

PBM Applications
Photodynamic physiotherapy has been applied widely in the health care realm: in nursing physiotherapy for the elderly, white-collar workers, sports crowd soothing physiotherapy, female common nursing physiotherapy, and even for beauty. 

Medical research and practice have shown that photobiomodulation can prevent or relieve a range of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia. Moreover, many skin, tissue, and joint issues can be treated, including generalized skin inflammation, tissue inflammation, mastitis, various neuropathic pain, tissue pain, joint pain, wrist pain, leg pain, tissue pain, waist and leg pain, rheumatic bone injury, peri-arthritis, cervical spondylosis, dysmenorrhea, gout. PMB is ideal for a wide range of concerns, from sports injuries to even cancer! Amazingly, the treatment improves overall immune function and eliminates sub-health, something we could all use a little boost of these days.

What Specific Aches & Pains Can Benefit

From PBM Therapy?


Quite literally, the list spans from head to toe... but how? To put it most simply, all of the cells in our tissues have the same Mitochondria. PBM Therapy works by targeting the electron transfer chain in our Mitochondria. Regardless of the tissue or nerve name or type – be it bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, cartilage, joints, tendons, ligaments, or nerves around the entire body – PBM Therapy can benefit them all at the cellular level.

This revolutionary LED light bed technology has been specifically designed and developed to treat large areas of the body with a range of conditions all at once! Patient response to PBM Therapy can vary from person to person depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • Age

  • Muscle Bulk or Fitness

  • Pre-Existing Damage or Arthritis Severity

  • Time of the Condition

  • Coexisting Medical Conditions

PBM for Pain & Inflammation


PBM Therapy has a warming effect on the skin and mucous membranes, dilates the blood vessels of deeper tissues, improves blood circulation, and purifies the blood.  It has been shown to relieve or even prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.  


PBM Therapy can increase the catalase activity of cellular mitochondria, promote protein solidification of diseased tissues, promote the formation of new squamous epithelial cells, accelerate the absorption of exudate, strengthen muscle tone, and effectively improve carious nerves, tissues and joint pain, dysmenorrhea, gout, sports injuries, and more. 


PBM Therapy can promote partial blood circulation, increase the phagocytosis of cells and macrophages, control infection, and promote inflammation dissipation. Moreover, PBM can have a positive carative effect on chronic inflammatory conditions, such as neurodermatitis, eczema, chronic lymphadenitis, and various classifications of arthritis, including senile osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Photobiomodulation Burlington
Photobiomodulation Burlington


Photobiomodulation Therapy can improve blood circulation, and promote wound regeneration and repair, so as to achieve the effects of pain relief, swelling, granulation tissue growth, and shorten wound healing time.  As well as reducing postoperative adhesion, promoting scar softening, and reducing scar contracture.  It has a good effect on skin ulcers, wounds infected by trauma, chronic wounds, etc.  


Photobiomodulation Therapy can cause deep heat effects in the body, activate cells, improve tissue regeneration, promote cell growth, strengthen liver function, improve liver detoxification, and keep the liver in good condition.  


Photobiomodulation Therapy can increase mitochondrial catalase activity, promote glycogen content, protein syntheses and adenosine triphosphate decomposition.  Enhance cell vitality, enhance the body's self-repair and cell regeneration ability, but also increase the phagocytosis of white blood cells, and improve immunity and disease resistance.  


According to clinical data, the combination of Photobiomodulation Therapy and photosensitizers can improve acne by 95%.  It accelerates the elimination of diseased or dead cells by promoting blood circulation and metabolism, allows macrophages to release cytokines, stimulates fibroblasts, produces growth factors, accelerates the skin repair process, and effectively eliminates acne-causing bacteria.  



PBM can adjust the autonomic nerve to maintain a good state, effectively improve or eliminate headaches, dizziness, cold limbs and other circulatory issues, improve sleep, and improve sleep quality.  

PBM Therapy can significantly improve hypogalactia and other postpartum symptoms such as nipple cracking and vulvitis, and promotes postpartum wound healing.  

Photobiomodulation Burlington

Photobiomodulation therapy is gaining recognition as a prominent and scientifically supported non-invasive, non-pharmacologic, neuromodulating intervention to bodily aches, pains, and chronic concerns. Delivered by polychromatic light-emitting diodes (LEDs), it is a safe and effective self-care tool.

BrainHealth-Photobiomodulation Burlington

The Brain Does More than Think

The brain controls mood, hormones, memory, and everyday executive functions, like decision-making and planning, personality, movement, mood, concentration, sleep, and more. Supporting brain health is essential to successful functioning and quality of life at any age and stage.

Photobiomodulation Burlington


When injuries happen, addressing the inflammation and speeding up recovery time is paramount. 
Non -invasive  Laser Therapy helps with both short-term pain blocking and improved long-term function.


Treating musculoskeletal pain and inflammation., while setting up patients for optimal tissue healing.  Class IV laser therapy, via photobiomodulation, has been shown to quickly reduce pain and help injured tissue move through the stages of healing by stimulating mitochondrial activity. 


  • Joint swelling

  • Muscle strain/ pain

  • Tendinopathy

  • Myofascial pain

  • OA related pain

  • Neck and back pain (chronic and acute)

  • Neuropathy

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Achilles tendon pathology

  • DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

  • Headaches

  • TMJ pain

  • Lymphedema


Pain has many causes that usually include tissue damage and inflammation.


The experience of pain can be focused and acute as with a sprain or overworked muscle, or diffuse and chronic like fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis.

Wrist Pain can be caused by a simple misaligned movement of your hand resulting in a sprain, or conditions like bursitis, arthritis, or fracture.

Carpal Tunnel is an inflammatory condition affecting the tendons enveloping the nerves to your wrist that results in numbness, tingling, weakness and pain in the hand.

Tendonitis is a common overuse pain that is caused by inflammation in the tendinous portion of various muscles.

Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the cartilage in joints that causes pain and significantly reduces joint mobility.

Sprains occur from a misaligned movement of a joint or muscle, whether a misstep in your home or on your running path, that results in a stretched or torn ligament.

Knee Pain can be caused by a simple misstep resulting in a sprain, joint instability, torn ligament, cartilage tear or conditions like bursitis, arthritis, or patella fracture.

Photobiomodulation Burlington

Areas Where PBM Will Relieve My Pain:

The PBM Laser will help virtually any inflammatory or degenerative joint or

muscular-skeletal condition. This includes: but is not limited

  • Tendinitis/Strains

  • Arthritis

  • Tennis/Golfers Elbow

  • Intercostal Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Hip Pain

  • Knee Pain

  • Ankle Sprain

  • Migraines & Headaches

  • Plantar Faucitis

  • Whiplash

  • Achilles Tendinitis

  • Sciatica

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • Low Back Pain

  • Rotor Cuff

  • Shoulder Pain/Neck Pain/Arthritis

  • Herpes/ Shingles 

Photobiomodulation Burlington

Acute Conditions

Chronic Conditions

Laser Therapy combats persistent chronic pain and promotes circulation to damaged tissues. It can be a powerful, non-pharmaceutical solution to reduce pain and provides patients with a non-invasive, non-pharmacological alternative for pain relief.

Photobiomodulation Burlington

Therapy lasers for acute conditions are particularly effective when it is administered as soon as possible following injury (assuming there is no active hemorrhaging). This helps to bring the pain under control quickly which helps with the healing process for a much faster and better outcome.

Laser therapy has been shown to be effective at improving post-activity recovery times and reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  Excellent for pre & post-workout.   Many Professional Sports teams & Olympic sports teams use Red Light Therapy for pre & post-treatment. 

Post-Activity Recovery

Photobiomodulation Burlington

PMB for Skin Rejuvenation

Exactly How & Why Red Light Therapy is Going to Make You Look Younger!

1. PMB Therapy increases circulation and the formation of new capillaries, bringing an immediate healthy glow to the skin and paving the way for you to maintain a more youthful and healthier appearance. New capillaries mean more oxygen and nutrients to each skin cell every day!

2. PBM increases lymph system activity, reducing swelling and puffiness. These results are noticeable after the first and each subsequent treatment. Again, this paves the way for less puffiness in the future as the lymph system is actually made more efficient over time, resulting in healthier skin overall.

3. This revolutionary form of therapy stimulates the production of collagen and fibroblasts. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity, firmness, and fullness of your skin. The increased production of collagen and fibroblasts will smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, smooth the texture of the skin, and reduce pore size over time. Collagen cells grow slowly, so be patient, and expect to see “before and after” results at about three months of consistent treatment.

4. Finally, PBM causes the release of ATP, or raw cellular energy. This provides energy to the cells to make the most of the additional blood, oxygen, nutrients, detoxification, growth, and repair already initiated by your red light therapy treatments.

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Skin:


Red Light Therapy creates a healthy glow about your face;

  • It smooths overall skin tone;

  • It reduces wrinkles, including crow’s feet, under-eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, & laugh lines;

  • Speeds up the healing of blemishes, like acne, & rosacea;

  • It repairs sun damage;

  • Reduces redness, flushing, & broken capillaries;

  • Fades scars and stretch marks;

  • It brings more moisture to your skin;

  • PBM prevents hair loss & stimulates regrowth;


Add all of that to the already impressive list of benefits red light has to offer and you have no reason at all not to give it a try. Give us a call today!

Photobiomodulation Burlington
Photobiomodulation Burlington



Whole Body Pod Photobiomodulation Therapy

20 minute session




Whole Body Pod Photobiomodulation Therapy

20 minute session




Whole Body Pod Photobiomodulation Therapy

20 minute session


Sessions are booked during the day before 5 pm

Photobiomodulation Burlington

Don't Let Pain 
      Control Your Life!


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