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Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live blood cell analysis is an in-house procedure that consists of placing a drop of blood from the client's fingertip on a microscope slide.  The blood is then viewed at a high magnification with a dark-field microscope that forwards the image to computer monitor where both practitioner and client can then see the blood cells and review your own unique health history.  You will go home with a new outlook of information about your body’s Chemistry with recommendations to help maintain a healthier life.


In general, the analysis works best on an empty stomach. Refrain from eating or drinking for at least 5-6 hours before your appointment, except for water.  


Each appointment is 2 hours in length. You will watch your analysis as it is unfolding on a monitor.  The live blood cell analysis is not a diagnostic test, it is an educational tool that we use to show the client what the blood looks like under the microscope. The blood is evaluated to assess overall cell health.

What A Drop of Blood Can Reveal

– Food Metabolism
– Digestive Issues
– Fatigue
– Weight Problems
– Bacteria & Parasite Levels
– Hormonal Balances
– State of Your Immune System
– Yeast Balance, Acidosis
– Liver Condition/Stress
– Detoxification Functions
– Environmental Sensitivities
– Lifestyle changes that can transform your health.

How is the test performed?​

Live blood analysis involves taking a small drop of blood by pricking a finger with a sterile lancet. The blood drop is placed on a microscope slide, which is then quickly covered with a cover slide. The slide is then viewed under a powerful microscope and the magnified image can be seen.

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About your Appointment

Fasting for 5-6 hours is required for all live cell tests. (Water is exceptable) Live Blood Cell Microscopy looks at the quality and condition of the cells, whereas standard laboratory blood tests are generally quantitative. This test is a preventative tool which can indicate imbalances in the body, presence of metabolic by-products, pathogenic microorganisms and pH of the blood terrain. Many of these imbalances can be rectified by improvements in diet, lifestyle and stress management. Improvements and changes are monitored by viewing the blood every few months and acts as a powerful motivator to continue on one’s wellness plan. In Germany today, it remains the preferred method of viewing the blood.  

Holistic nutrition and live blood microscopy analysis hugely complement one another in supporting the healing process.

Jo was introduced to live blood analysis several years ago. She has learned how this tool can be useful in detecting health ailments such as parasites, candida, liver toxicity, dehydration, B12 deficiency and a host of other problems the blood can show us. She began to use live blood analysis to help her resolve her own digestive issues and fatigue, as well as, checking the health of her family to ensure they were staying on track and remedying issues that naturally may arise. Seeing incredible results, she became a huge supporter of live blood analysis this also complementing her patinets with the skin, hair, issues as well.  She has continued to promote her services to help others and always got positive feedback from everyone that used this assessment tool to help balance their health.


1st Appointment

(2 hours)

Initial appointment: $195


Follow UP

(1 Hour)

Follow up appointment: $125

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