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Laser Aesthetics - Cosmetic Medical Center

Medisthetics Wellness & Laser Clinic

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The Science of Timeless Beauty - Right Here in Burlington Ontario

Our Services

Medical Aesthetic Procedures for the Full Body

Plexr Treatment removing wrinkles and excess skin

Lift your eyelids, erase wrinkles, and eliminate excess skin using the cutting-edge 'plasma sublimation' method.

Laser_ Skin_ Resurfacing_in Burlington Canada

Get rid of skin irregularities and facial wrinkles, to enjoy smooth& flawless skin. 

RF Microneedling to reduce wrinkles

Get rid of scars, and wrinkles to enjoy smooth& glowing  skin.


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As individual and unique as you are…

... that’s what you get with your Metabolic Balance meal plan. This is because the foods we recommend are based on your unique blood values, personal information and eating habits.

Chemical Peel

Rejuvenate and reset your skin, regain your youthful texture and suppleness, and stimulate new skin and collagen growth with a chemical skin peel.

Rejuvenation with laser treatments

Ditch unwanted age spots, irregular pigmentation, lasting redness, and other discolouration.

Carbon Laser Peel

Pico laser technology removes unwanted pigment with little to know downtime.

microscope image for scientific studies

Live and Dry Blood Analysis (LDBA) involves taking a drop of blood and interpreting the information it gives us about the body. This can then be used to guide us towards optimum health.

EGF Serum 15ml #1.webp

Unlocking your glow is our goal,  skincare solutions for truly transformative results.


Laser Hair Removal, Eliminating Daily Upkeep, and Dealing with Irritation.


Say Goodbye to Tattoo Regret

Photobiomodulation_ Therapy_burlington-red light

Photobiomodulation is used to: increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair; resolve inflammation and relieve pain (analgesia). red and near infrared light reduces oxidative stress and increases ATP. This improves cell metabolism and reduce inflammation.

Skin Care

Welcome to Medisthetics Wellness & Laser Clinic, offering non-surgical medical treatments in Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown and the surrounding area. We’re a certified Laser Clinic, providing professional, safe and personalized services. If you’re looking for the best solutions for your aesthetic concerns - you’ve come to the right place!

Our laser technician is a certified Medical professional who founded Medisthetics Wellness & Laser Clinic with one goal in mind: the well-being of patients. We believe that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look, and our variety of services is suitable for every need. We offer affordable, safe and virtually non-invasive treatments for people of all ages. Our Technician has been certified, and trained carefully in all treatment procedures, and only uses industry-approved, state-of-the-art technologies.


Give us a call today and book a complimentary consultation meeting. It will be our pleasure to meet - get in touch today!

Best Seller


I've had several facials with Jo and she is hands down the best!! She's very knowledgeable and helpful but more importantly, she cares about you and getting the results you want.  Her facility is very clean and innovative and she is constantly upgrading with new technology.  I recommend Jo wholeheartedly!

Jessica L. 


Over 35 years of

Combined Experience

We Have the Know How

You Need to look and feel

your best from the inside out!

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