Teen Acne Treatments

A Look at Our Teen Acne Treatments

It's normal for teens to experience acne and breakouts due to hormonal changes. These changes can be overwhelming, given that they are transitioning to adulthood. While some teens experience mild skin breakouts, others experience severe acne, which leaves them with physical and emotional scars.

To minimize acne damage, we offer a range of teen acne treatments. Our dermatologists understand that acne is one of the most undesirable aspects of teenage life. They help teens to curb skin breakouts and achieve smoother and clearer skin at this sensitive stage of their lives.

Our consultant dermatologists at Medisthetics & Laser Clinic have a wealth of experience treating acne at various stages. They provide accurate and effective acne diagnosis and treatment, thus restoring the young ones' self-esteem and confidence. Some of the teen acne treatments offered at our clinic include:

  • Chemical peels

  • Medical-grade skincare

  • Laser treatment to enhance the skin appearance by providing an even skin tone and texture

Medisthetics Clinical/Medical Skin Care Options

Medisthetics & Laser Clinic offers clinical/medical skin care to patients of all ages. We also treat all types of skin conditions, from aging skin to acne. Our broad range of clinical/medical skin care procedures will leave you feeling and looking your best. Our dermatologists listen carefully to patients' concerns before working out a skincare treatment plan that works best for them.

We deliver the professional clinical, and medical skincare patients deserve because we understand its importance to their general health. Medisthetics & Laser Clinic evaluates and treats various skin conditions, including:

  • Warts, cysts, acne, and skin tags

  • Precancerous lesions and moles

  • Athletic skin conditions such as MRSA and herpes

  • Psoriasis, eczema, and contact dermatitis

  • Signs of aging

Our dermatologists offer not only in-depth evaluations but also the best treatment plans and skin care advice. If you have any skin condition, book a consultation with us to discuss the treatment options that work best for you.