Pico Laser skin resuracing

Pico Laser Skin Resurfacing

Reverse Aging With Our

Picosecond Laser Procedure

The quest for beautiful skin is an ongoing journey that many people can relate to, and one of the solutions they turn to is laser treatments to help achieve their skin goals. A common skin problem that is often talked about is pigmentation, which frequently takes the form of age spots, freckles, acne scars, and melasma.

Picosecond Laser Treatment involves directing short and concentrated light beams at irregular skin. By removing uneven skin layers, patients are left with smooth and flawless skin. Patients can undergo this procedure at our clinic if:

  • They have scars from acne.

  • Large Pores, Black Heads

  • Melasma

  • They have wrinkles or fine lines under or around the forehead, mouth, or eyes.

  • Stimulation of Collagen and Elastin to promote skin Tightening. 

  • They have uneven skin pigmentation from scarring or sun damage.

Pico laser or “picosecond laser” is a type of laser technology that works in picoseconds, delivering laser light energy in one trillionth of a second.  Picosecond Laser Treatment is very effective in treating both epidermal and dermal pigmentation, and is suitable for treating epidermal pigmentation in darker skin tone patients due to the lower risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. In order to tackle pigmentation, Pico lasers deliver pulses of energy directly to the skin tissue which will then create a “photoacoustic” impact. This causes the pigments to break up and shatter into tiny particles that can be eliminated easily and naturally by the body’s immune system. Thus, the procedure is safe and relatively painless. It also doesn't cause any adverse side effects.

Tiny open spaces created under the skin are filled in over time with new elastin and collagen growth. After just one or two sessions, visible results can be seen in skin brightness, texture, clarity and pore size.

Say goodbye to pigmentation and feel more confident in your own skin again.