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In addition to achieving a more youthful and revitalized appearance, injectables offer a range of benefits, including minimal invasiveness, short procedure times, minimal scarring, no downtime, instant results, and cost-effectiveness.

The signs of aging show up differently in everyone. You might notice your wrinkles are only seen under certain lighting or at a specific angle. Maybe you see your frown lines in photos, or perhaps the lines around your eyes are more apparent in the rearview mirror. 

Getting wrinkles is something we all face. We can’t stop time or reverse the aging process, but injectables can help you regain a more youthful appearance Medisthetics Wellness & Laser Clinic offers injectables to help smooth unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. 

Questions we will ask before knowing if BOTOX COSMETIC®Xeomin® or Dysport® is right for you:


  • Tell your injector about all your medical conditions, including if you have: a disease that affects your muscles and nerves (such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis [ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease], myasthenia gravis, or Lambert-Eaton syndrome) These diseases may increase your chance of side effects with a neuromodulator treatment

  • Are you breastfeeding?

  • Are you pregnant or are you planning to become pregnant soon?

Cosmetic Medicine Application
Discover the differences and similarities between Botox® and Dysport® to determine which injectable is the best option for you. While Botox® is the most well-known, Dysport® has gained recognition for its ability to correct frown lines and produce stunning results.

Similar in nature

Botox and Dysport are quite similar. Both come from botulinum toxin, a neurotoxic protein that is safe when used in small amounts. Although you can use Botox and Dysport to improve various medical conditions, their most popular use is to diminish wrinkles.

Both injectables are considered noninvasive and work by temporarily relaxing facial muscles. This stops the muscles from contracting and ultimately smooths the appearance of wrinkles. The differences between the two are rooted in their trace proteins and how they’re manufactured.

How they’re different

One of the main differences between Dysport and Botox is the areas in which they are approved for use. Dysport is primarily used for correcting glabellar lines, the frown lines between your eyebrows. Dysport is a great option for those who have moderate to severe frown lines. 

Botox, on the other hand, can be used to treat many different types of wrinkles, including crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and laugh lines. If you have mild to moderate wrinkles, Botox may be a better option for you.

Some people have experienced quicker results with Dysport, noticing a reduction in wrinkles in only 2-3 days. The results of Botox generally take around a week to appear, but both injectables reveal their peak results at around 2 weeks. When looking at how long the results last, both Dysport and Botox last around 3-4 months.

A single unit of Botox has about 3 times the potency of a unit of Dysport. This doesn’t mean that Botox works better, but rather that more Dysport is needed to achieve the same effect. As a trade-off, the price of a Dysport unit is less than that of a Botox unit, so you’ll spend about the same amount of money to achieve similar results.

Results vary

Everyone’s biological makeup is different. As with many products and services, results vary from person to person. If you’ve already tried Botox and want to try something new, Dysport is a great option that may provide quicker results.

The best way to decide between Dysport and Botox is to meet with our expert team. They can discuss your skin-care goals with you and help you decide which is a better option for you. 

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