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Scar Removal

With Plexr Plus

What are scars? 

We all have them…

Whether from picking your acne, scratching your chickenpox, or from a crazy story you tend to exaggerate from time to time, scars are a physical representation of a memory from our past. Despite some people liking their scars (especially if it’s linked to a cool story), some people may find their scars aesthetically bothersome.

Scars are a natural part of the body's healing process, forming to protect a wound from external factors that could cause infection. They are made up of fibrous tissues and can vary in color and texture depending on their location and your skin health. Some people may bothered by their scars due to their appearance, which can include redness, whiteness, or a purple hue, as well as being sunken or elevated compared to the surrounding skin, causing itching.

Reminded of past memories?

Scar Treatment with Plexr Plus

If you are finding your scars bothersome, rest assured there are so many options for you to reduce the appearance of scar tissue. 

Some common scar treatments such as dermal fillers, submissions, fractional lasers, radio frequency micro-needling, and total laser resurfacing are known to help younger patients, with fresh scars, with certain scar types such as Icepick, rolled or boxed scars. With that being said, for patients who don’t fall under those specific classifications, Medisthetic Wellness & Laser Clinic turns to Plexr Plus! 

What is Plexr Plus? 

"Plexr Plus is an innovative plasma technology used to reduce the appearance of scar tissue. This advanced method treats scars by applying concentrated heat to non-abrasively repair the epidermis, the visible layer of the skin."

  • Minimally ablative

  • Affordable

  • Offers little downtime


Many people are turning to Plexr Plus treatments to improve surface-level scars.

If you are finding a scar cosmetically bothersome (whether it is a new scar or an old scar), it is never too late to seek treatment to improve its appearance

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