Quick-absorbing, silky serum
Reduces visible signs of aging, increases hydration levels, extra supportive care for dry skin, and age spots.


Skin Type: Ideal for mature, dehydrated, or dry skin, as well as photo-aging skin. Peptide Complex Serum works very well in combination with any of our Soluble Native Collagen products for daily usage care.   Size: 30 mL e / 1 Fl.oz

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  • Description:


    This quick-absorbing, silky serum uses patented Anti-aging Tetrapeptides integrated with a unique Saccharide Complex and Sea Fern Extract that work to reduce visible signs of aging while increasing hydration levels and moisture-retention capabilities for aging skin. Peptide Complex Serum works very well in combination with any of our Soluble Native Collagen products for daily usage care.


    • Fast-acting efficacy with this blend of Anti-aging Tetrapeptides, Saccharide Complex, and Sea Fern Extract
    • Increases smoothness and reduces appearance of wrinkles
    • Reduces appearance of photodamaged age spots
    • Provides exceptional long-lasting hydration for improved skin moisture enhancement, supplenesss, and elasticity
    • Ideal for daily use for mature, dehydrated, dry, premature aging, or photodamaged skin
    • Fragrance-free. Paraben-free.

    Effective Ingredients:

    • Anti-aging Tetrapeptides: improve collagen stabilization in the dermis
    • Saccharide Complex: strengthens the skin’s barrier function for long-lasting effects
    • Sea Fern Extract: reduces appearance of dark spots

    How to Use:

    After cleansing, gently pat dry the skin. Apply 4 to 5 drops on the face, around eye contours, and on the neck. Allow serum to penetrate. Follow with appropriate Eltraderm moisturizer. Use twice daily – morning and evening. If using with Eltraderm Native Collagen product, apply Peptide Complex Serum AFTER Collagen product has penetrated. Then complete with moisturizer.



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