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Shining a Light on Red Light Therapy: Giving Disease the Red Light

This Month's Focus: Boost Your Immunity with Red Light Therapy!

You've heard us rave about Red Light Therapy's specific benefits to the skin. The skin is in fact a major indication of overall immune function and health. Think about it... when you're feeling under the weather, do you break out? Lack of sleep or added stress cause increased inflammation of your skin? Exposure to certain contaminants, pollutants, or allergens cause your skin to flare up? Even a poor diet can cause an immune response. All of this is connected; there's simply no doubt about it.

We find ourselves living precisely at a time where immune function is of the utmost importance. As COVID-19 looms on and we head back toward the colder months, it's time to consider the direct link between Red Light Therapy and overall immune health.

Boost Your Immune System with Red Light Therapy

What Exactly is Immunity?

Most simply, "immunity" is our ability to keep healthy by fighting off particular infections, toxins, or bodily threats by sending out specific "antibodies" - AKA sensitized white blood cells to attack. The better your immunity or immune function is, the better your ability to resist falling ill to viruses, flu bugs, etc.

We find ourselves living precisely at a time where immune function is of the utmost importance - if not for, for those around you: family, friends, colleagues, even strangers.

Overall health, then, begins at the cellular level. Incredibly, so too does cellular support by Red Light Therapy! Red Light Therapy works to treat the cause; not just respond to the effect.

The Human Body & Light Energy

Much like a plant in "photosynthesis", the human body responds positively to light energy. When sunlight hits your skin, energy is absorbed and transmitted to your cells. Think about it: it's hard not to feel a sudden boost in mood after spending some time outdoors in the sunshine.

Unfortunately, with the benefits of natural sunlight to the body come the negative concern of facing too much exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays that come along with it. Here's where Red Light Therapy comes in!

Red Light Therapy works to treat the cause; not just respond to the effect. Think proactive, not reactive.

Supporting the Immune System with Red Light Therapy

The therapeutic application of Red Light Therapy involves the exposure of the body to controlled red and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths of light. The key word here is controlled - Red Light Therapy involves the isolation of the most beneficial qualities of light while removing the harmful side effects.

At the cellular level, the light is absorbed, triggering an optimal, increased, and more efficient production of cellular energy. This boost in energy allows for your organs, tissues, and cardiovascular system to perform more optimally and release toxins. Most simply, Red Light Therapy enables your body to use its own energy more efficiently, triggering a transformative, self-healing immune response.

Here are 10 Incredible Ways Red Light Therapy Triggers a Healthy Immune Response...

Red Light Therapy Stimulates the Production of Energy Molecules

In the "mitochondria" - or "powerhouse" of the cells - Red Light Therapy boost their conversion of food molecules into energy in the form of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). In simple terms, Red Light Therapy enhances cellular energy production, helping you to better fight off infections.

Red Light Therapy Stimulates New Capillaries

The increased production of capillaries by Red Light Therapy improves overall blood flow throughout the body. In turn, your blood has more opportunity to bring nutrients to cells and eliminate harmful waste.

Red Light Therapy Reduces Cellular Apoptosis

Red Light Therapy minimizes a form of cell death - also called "apoptosis" - which allows for more healthy cells to be made available to "educate" your immune cells as to how to identify which foreign bodies they should fight off.

Red Light Therapy Restores Overall Thyroid Function

Did you know that two significant moderators for your body's immune response are the thyroid hormones, T(3) and T(4)? When these hormones are not acting effectively (often due to certain Hypo- and Hyperthyroid disorders), our immune cells cannot function at their best. Red Light Therapy restores thyroid activity, triggering improved function of macrophages, leukocytes, natural killer cells, lymphocytes, and other immune cells.

Red Light Therapy Assists with Liver Regeneration

Red Light Therapy enables the liver to better "sort" between beneficial nutrients to be absorbed versus harmful toxins to be eliminated.

Red Light Therapy Stimulates the Lymphatic System

A properly functioning Lymphatic System is foundational to strong immune system, and Red Light Therapy stimulates and supports it.

Red Light Therapy Activates Stem Cells

Stem cells are the body's "raw materials" and make up all other cells with specialized functions in the body. They are the only bodily cell which has the natural ability to develop into new cell types, making them highly critical to many parts of the body - be it your brain, muscles, and more. Red Light Therapy mobilizes these cells to become an active component of a strong immune response.

Red Light Therapy Decreases Inflammation

By increasing blood flow to the body's damaged tissues and increasing the body's antioxidant defenses, Red Light Therapy alleviates inflammation, the #1 cause of autoimmune diseases.

Red Light Therapy Improves Quality of Sleep

How? The waves of red light stimulate the production of "Melatonin": the body's naturally occurring hormone that helps you fall asleep and improves the quality of that sleep. No one can say they dislike a full night's rest!

Red Light Therapy Boosts Mood

Weak immune function often brings along depression, anxiety, and stress. As Red Light Therapy boosts your overall immunity, so too can it improve your mood!

Contact us today at (905) 929-3134 to learn more about what makes Red Light Therapy a great choice for improving your immune system! Your health and wellness is our goal. Let's heal your body from within today!

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