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Passionate About Women's Health & Well Being

We Provide Life-Changing Intimate Wellness Solutions


Increasingly, in response to their intimate wellness concerns, women are turning to costly and painful vaginal surgery, medications that often have significant side effects or Kegel exercisers that are generally ineffective. Until now, there were no viable, effective, pain-free, and enjoyable at-home solutions to the pelvic floor and vaginal issues experienced by millions of women.


That’s right: until now. Intimate Wellness Concerns: Meet vSculpt PRO from JoyLux Utilizing a unique blend of therapeutic light, gentle heat, and sonic vibration, vSculpt PRO tones your pelvic floor area.

Our published clinical research study* results show significant improvement in participating women’s pelvic floor muscle strength and quality of life related to incontinence symptoms. Of women participating in a subsequent study*:



And every single participant said she felt emotionally closer to her partner after using vSculpt.
*Results may vary. Study data on file.

Discover vSculpt

Who has time to exercise, let alone do endless Kegels? Just lie back, relax, and enjoy what vSculpt can do for you. Here are some of vSculpt’s great features:

• It’s Quick: It takes less than 10 minutes per day

• It’s Effective: 9 out of 10 women experience results*

• It’s Safe: It’s non-surgical, noninvasive, and hormone-free

• And, It’s Easy: Use in the comfort and privacy of your home

Restore your vaginal tissue and tone your pelvic floor muscles for better bladder control, sensitivity, lubrication, and overall intimate health


Had less bladder leakage


Felt improved vaginal tightness


Experienced an increase in sexual confidence


Had more vaginal hydration

How It Works

JoyLux vSculpt PRO: 

 vSculpt PRO operates on the principle of healing the pelvic floor through the unique combination of: thermal loading, Photobiomodulation (A.K.A. “Red Light Therapy”), and sonic vibration. The unique combination of these three modalities generates tightening of the vaginal lumen, while healing the tissue. Women experience a more toned and tightened pelvic floor, improved bladder function, restored vaginal tissue, and increased vaginal lubrication.


The vSculpt PRO utilizes an innovative combination of technologies–therapeutic light, gentle heat, and sonic technology. The result: a stronger, rejuvenated pelvic floor, and greater self-confidence. Used with our proprietary Photonic Gel, vSculpt's results are enhanced

What’s Involved: Red Light Therapy

  • Energizes cells to increase their natural production of collagen and elastin

  • Helps repair nerve damage and improves muscle tone

  • Used professionally for skincare and rehabilitation in medical clinics and doctors' offices worldwide

  •  Invented in the 1960s by NASA—you heard that right! 

  • Raises blood flow in the perineal region, which increases the delivery of oxygen, proteins, and nutrients to the perineal muscles and tissue for healing


It's All A Part  Of Aging

Decreased vaginal tissue and muscular function are not uncommon in menopausal women. It’s the result of damage to the vagina at a nerve, muscle, cellular, or connective tissue level caused primarily by childbearing, obesity, or aging


Your Journey to Intimate Wellness Starts Here JoyLux is an empowering menopausal platform offering life-changing solutions anchored by its proprietary vFit device. By combining science-based products with access to menopausal 31 education, health data, and community, we strive to deliver better health outcomes like vSculpt PRO to our female clientele.

About Us

vSculpt is the first product developed by Joylux, Inc. a global health technology company creating innovative medical devices utilizing light energy.

Colette Courtion, founder and CEO, was inspired by her journey into motherhood to create a product for the millions of women suffering from pelvic floor issues. Partnering with medical professionals and harnessing her expertise in medical aesthetics, Colette started the company in 2014 in the tech hub of Seattle, Washington.

At Joylux, we take a leadership position in women’s pelvic floor health by spearheading meaningful conversations and driving results that make a positive impact. Ultimately, our mission is to empower women to live their best lives.

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