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Let’s Talk: AFA Advanced Clinical Peels


At Medisthetics Wellness & Laser Clinic, “Amino acid Filaggrin” (AFA) Peels are a new, unique, and fully patented cosmeceutical solution for skin rejuvenation. Formulated with safe ingredients which serve to retain moisture within the skin and aid in fighting against photo-pigmentation, AFAs are recommended to be used in combination with other cosmetic procedures, like IPL or other laser treatments.


AFA Antioxidant Facial Peels are a safe and effective way to improve common patient concerns with photo-damaged skin. The peels exfoliate dead skin cells with less irritation than AHA peels and are specially designed for patients with dry and more sensitive skin.


How Does an AFA Peel Work?

Most simply, AFA Chemical Peels work by removing a portion of the acid mantle layer of the skin via a potent, amino-acid and antioxidant-rich clay-based peeling solution, revealing fresh, new, radiant skin that you can see and feel. 

The treatment involves two key steps, followed by careful aftercare:

1. Firstly, for about 5 minutes, a clay mask is applied to the skin, to draw out impurities and open up the pores, prepping the skin ahead of the peel.


2. Next, a thin layer of the AFA peeling solution is applied to the skin for only 2-5 minutes, as it works incredibly fast.


AFA Advanced Clinical Peels

AFAs Have 7 Unique Advantages as Topical Anti-Aging Cosmeceuticals:

  1. AFAs promote greater moisture retention in human skin.

  2. AFAs have fold greater antioxidant potency than AHAs.

  3. AFAs are very effective exfoliants.

  4. Most patients notice visible improvement rather quickly (often within a few days).

  5. AFAs are more powerful against “photo-pigmentation” (i.e. sun damage).

  6. AFAs have little irritation when compared to AHAs.

  7. AFAs are not “photosensitizing” (i.e. sensitive to sunlight).

What to Expect Following Your Treatment

After your treatment protocol with AFA Clay Peel, you can expect:

  • Greater moisture in your skin.

  • Tighter, toned skin. 

  • Exfoliation without the side effect of skin irritation.

  • Reduction in visible lines and wrinkles.

  • Improvement in sun-damaged areas.

  • More even skin texture.

  • Smoother and softer skin.

Chemical Peels
Rejuvenate and reset your skin, regain your youthful texture and suppleness, and stimulate new skin and collagen growth with a chemical skin peel. Looking for fresh, smooth, new skin and ready to shed the old? Talk to us today about booking your chemical peel!


Will My AFA Peel Cause Irritation?

A: There is little irritation associated with the AFA Gels when compared to more traditional neutralized AHA peels. Why?

• This may be due to the effect of the amino group that is retained in the AFA molecule, which might modify the causticity of the AFAs without changing the overall pH of the molecule.

• The addition of purines to the AFA Gels also serves to reduce the chance of any potential irritation or causticity.


Q: Who is a Good Candidate?

A: Our AFA Clay Chemical Peel is best suited for patients with acne-prone or oily skin. We have had exceptional results treating adult hormonal acne.


Q: I’m a Male Patient. Are Chemical Peels an Option for Me?

A: Of course they are! Chemical peels are not just reserved to our female clients! They are a great option for common skin concerns for men: uneven texture, acne scarring, fine lines, sun damage, and enlarged pores.


Q: Is the Peel Safe for All Skin Types?

A: Yes! This peel is beneficial for all skin types, which means people with varying skin tones at a range of ages can undergo the treatment.


Q: Is the Peel Painful?

A: Because this peel is far less irritating than an AHA peel, there should be little to no discomfort. At most, individuals with more sensitive skin types might feel a mild stinging sensation, but this doesn’t last long, as the peel is removed after a few short minutes.


Q: What is the Recovery Time Like?

A: There is no recovery time with an AFA peel as it does not make the skin sensitive to sun exposure.

Q: How Many Treatments Will I Need?

A: A series of 4-6 two-step treatments spaced every 2-3 weeks apart is usually recommended for ideal results. Maintenance treatments are advised every 6 months.


Q: Are AFA Clay Peels the Same from Clinic to Clinic?

A: Definitely not. When it comes to exposing your skin to topical chemical solutions, it’s best to do your research. AFA Clinical Clay Peels are only available through a licensed medical clinic and Medisthetics Wellness & Laser Clinic is one of the only skincare facilities that offer them in Waterdown and the surrounding area.